Questions about Deparments and Accounts (patterns) for Azure Enrollments

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Hi guys,


while thinking about which "Department/Account" Setup methodology is the best for our organization, there appear some questions from my site.


As you know, there are three common patterns for Azure Enrollments (Link).
In additional to these 3 options (functional, business unit, geographic) there is one more way like this:
Enterprise -> Accounts -> Subscriptions

This is an away, without creating a Department before.


My questions are:


Questions to deparment:

  • What are the advantage of building a pattern with Deparments?
    I mean, why should I create it Departments, when a direct connections between (Enterprise and Accounts) is possible?
  • What disatvantage has a pattern like Enterprise -> Accounts -> Subscriptions (without deparments)?
  • Due to the reason, that deparments are not deletable (only set to inactive) and one department name, which was in use, isn't usable anymore for new active deparment I tought that we could set the Name of the deparment like this: "Department 1", "Department 2", "Department 3" etc.

    The knowledge which department is which deparment in our organization we would do this information in two place: 1) in cost center of the deparment 2) in our internal documentation.

    Question here:
    Is there any reason or any restriction to information, if we would do it described above?


Questions to Subscription:

  • Is in a EA offer possible, to move one or more Subscription from one Deparment A to department B ?  If yes, with or without downtime?


Questions to Accounts:

  • Is it possible to assign mutiple Account to one Department?
  • Is it possible to move one Account assigned to Department A to Department B with all their Subscriptions? If yes, with or without downtime?


Please let me know if you need some more informations.

Thank you for your reply in advance.

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anybody able to answer any question ? :)