Query based pie charts in Azure DevOps - how do I display a percentage rather than a count?

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I created several charts to track the progress of bugs and test cases. I will use the following two as examples:


1. Open Bugs by State: please reference attached - this chart shows the count of open bugs in each state.

2. Test Case Results by State: please reference attached - this chart shows all the test cases created, pivoted by state.


Is there a way to display percentages for each pie slice, rather than the count? For example, in the Open Bugs by State, rather than showing Open = 18, can I display "72%" (18/25)? Right now when I configure the chart, I see the "Aggregation" option, but this only allows me to choose "Count". Do I need to update my queries somehow to get a %?


Thank you for the assistance!

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I keep getting an error that the Query cannot be in Hierarchical.

When changing the state to Flat - I simply get a Widget failed to load. 


What would be the Query to show Story Case by States?