Public Preview of compatibility level 140 for Azure SQL databases

Community Manager

We are announcing the official public preview of compatibility level 140 in Azure SQL Database.

Compatibility level 140 enables the following query optimizer changes:


  • A trivial plan referencing Columnstore indexes will be discarded in favor of a plan that is eligible for batch mode execution.
  • The sp_execute_external_script UDX operator is eligible for batch mode execution.
  • Three adaptive query processing features are being introduced:
    • Batch mode memory grant feedback, which improves the performance of repeating queries that request too much or too little memory.
    • Batch mode adaptive join, which is a new query operator type that allows dynamic selection of the most optimal join algorithm based on runtime row counts.
    • Interleaved execution, which improves the performance of queries that reference multi-statement table valued functions by using the true row count of the function call for use during query optimization.



Read about it on the Azure blog.

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