Proper deployment for MS Office on Azure RDS Server (VM)

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I have a VM deployed on my Azure Portal with MS Windows Server 2016 w/ MS SQL Server 2016 and RDS enabled.  We have a software suite that needs MS Office for certain export functions and reports.  Is there a (hopefully pay-as-you-go/subscription Office 365) Office license offerred through the Azure portal that can be deployed within this VM?  Or, do I need to just purchase the appropriate number of open licenses for Office and install it directly?


We have Office 365 for all of our current users (on the old phyical network); I was hoping I could use the licensing from that for deployment of the terminal users in the RDS.


Please advise.


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Patrick Ring

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If you use a CSP (Cloud service Provider), you can ajust your Office licenses on a monthly basis.

How did you purchase you current 365 licenses ? most Microsoft Partners are CSP providers.

The last answer I got from our licensing partner was that the only Office version that would work on RDS, whether on-premises or in Azure, was 2016 through Software Assurance.

well he gave you bad information. the licenses from you CSP partner can be used, but requires each user has a license assigned.

have a look here
I have a similar problem with a Windows 10 VM that has a single username and password. This means only one person can use the VM and Office at at time. When we try to activate Office, it requests an email address. If we use someone's address, that opens all their files up to any of the users that might be using the VM. We really need a solution to install Office and tie the license to the VM or a single key.