Project Denali to define flexible SSDs for cloud-scale applications

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Last September, at SNIA’s Storage Developer’s Conference, we presented a prototype of the Project Denali SSD. Project Denali drives provide the flexibility needed to optimize for the workloads of a wide variety of cloud applications, the simplicity to keep pace with rapid innovations in NAND flash memory and application design, and the scale required for multitenant hardware that is so common in the cloud. 


This month, we're attending the Open Compute Project (OCP) U.S. Summit 2018 to begin formalization of the specification that will define the interface to Project Denali drives. Once in place, the specification will allow both hardware vendors and cloud providers to build and release their final products. The specification defines a new abstraction, which separates the roles of managing NAND, and managing data placement. The former will remain in the hardware – close to the NAND and in the product that reinvents itself with every new generation of NAND. The latter, once separated from the NAND management algorithms, will be allowed to follow its own schedule for innovation, and won’t be prone to bugs introduced by product cycles that track solely with NAND generations. 




Read more about it in the Azure blog.

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