Prior knowledge or background with Azure Certifications

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I found names of Azure Certifications as below:

1. Azure Developer,
2. Azure Administrator,
3. Azure DevOps,
4. Azure Security Engineer,
5. Azure Architect,
6. Azure Data Engineer,
7. Azure AI Engineer,
8. Azure Data Scientist Associate,
9. Azure IoT Developer,
10. Azure for SAP Workloads


There are some queries related to Azure Certifications. Please clarify queries related to Azure Certifications


It seems that some of certifications need additional knowledge like IoT, SAP, etc. prior preparation or completion of certifications so that it is easy to understand and deploy knowledge. Let us know, which certifications need additional knowledge like IoT, SAP, Programming language, Linux, Engineering degree/background, etc.?


A candidate,
with knowledge of Windows, Windows Server, Networking etc.
without Engineering degree/ background, Programming knowledge, Linux knowledge;
wants to go various certifications in Azure so that he can get better opportunities and lucrative jobs from executive level to management/ operation level.

Please let us know, which certifications he should earn and in which order he should earn?


Please elaborate. I’ll be thankful for giving your time.


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@NndnG if you're looking to get started in Azure certifications, I would start with one of the Fundamentals certificates, Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900). This will give you a good basic understanding across the Azure portfolio and is a good foundation for building on when looking at the other Azure certs. The other good thing about the Fundamentals range is they are great for someone working in management/exec level who needs to understand what the technology is but is going to have a subordinate doing the configuration and administration.

After that, your choice in certification depends on what area you are planning to focus on - these are all role-based, so they are each designed to fit with a particular range of job skills. For example, if you want to work with Azure infrastructure (building and configuring VMs, networks, and so on) look to the "Azure Administrator". If you're looking for opportunities in IT Security then the "Azure Security Engineer" (possibly prefaced with the new Security Fundamentals) might be more suitable.

Https:// is a good resource- this poster shows the certifications available.

@Chris BradshawThank you for replying and giving your time.


If I am right, AZ-900 is optional for all Azure Certifications, I mentioned in the question.


Therefore, if anyone have knowledge of AZ-900, he can earn any of above certifications skipping AZ-900.


I gone through topics of AZ-900. It's just an basic understanding of cloud and Azure.


Except AZ-900, I noticed, prior knowledge have been utilized in rest certifications.


That's why I asked my question.


Yes, AZ-900 is optional. It's not a pre-requisite of any of the other qualifications so you can skip past it if you want to.


Having said that, I personally found it worth going through the MS Learn material and taking the AZ-900 exam early on my Azure journey as it confirmed that I had the foundations in place before proceeding to other certificates.