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We have published an offer to app source with version

We added some features to app and published it with version and this version is in preview yet. 

Issue is, when a new user installs our app it gets version (that is in preview yet) instead of on app source). 

Any idea why happening this?

Is there something that we can check anywhere?

Can share any required details or screenshots.

Any kind of help is appreciated. 

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The new version may have been marked as the default version for your app in the app store, which is why new users are automatically downloading it instead of the previous version.


In your app store account to see if you have marked version as the default version. If so, you can change it to version or remove version from preview mode.

Ensure that your app is properly configured with version numbers in the app's code. If the version number in your code is still set to, it is possible that the version number is not being properly updated when you build the app.

@Robina thanks for your help, I checked in detail to find if I can mark something as default at MCP but didn't find any thing there. Could you please provide some screen shots for me to have an idea about where to make these changes?


I checked into details about configurations and everything looks right there as there is fine everything on Online and Preview page. But again I reviewed code used for version and looks fine everything there also. 

Sharing screenshots of Online and preview version of app:

Online version:


Preview version:


Can we think about something to be wrong on AppSource page or Microsoft Partner Center Page?


Please let me know if I have to share something else.