PowerBI Template for Azure (Activity Log Analytics) for free

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Hi all

Unfortunately, there is no PowerBI techcommunity (or I wasn't able to find it), that's why Im asking here my question.

Is there a simple PowerBI Template (for free), which makes possible, to display basic information about the Azure Subcription like:

  • what kind of ressource groups are created
  • actual coast's of the ressource groups
  • members of this ressource group
  • services of this ressource group


My researches show me that there is "Azure Activity Log Analytics" which seems to be nice but it's for our environment too much. It requires some Azure Services to make it functionally.


So maybe there is a PowerBI template, which is an alternative or free edition of "Azure Activity Log Analytics", with less functions. Do you have a recommendation for me?



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Hopefully someone here can answer your question!

If not, there is a separate community for PowerBI (though we may merge in the future). 

It's located here: https://community.powerbi.com/