Persistent Drive Mapping - Azure Files from VM

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I would like to use Azure Files for a shared image store.  Some of my applications are fairly old and require a 'local' drive path (e.g., Z:\).  net use /persistent works fine for my user context when I am sitting on the console, but the path needs to be accessible by all users and restore after reboot.


Hints on this that I could find are from 2012 and sysinternals and don't seem to work on Server 2016.  I expect there is a straightforward way to do this?  This should be an easy question, but I seem to be missing a trick.  Help appreciated.




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you just need to schedule a script to execute apon login. this is the only solution.¨
If you have a S2S VPN you could actually map a storage account so it is only available from the VNET, meaning you can leave the read/write as public. Make sure the firewall settings on the storage account doesnt allow internet access.