Pagefile creating on wrong drive on Azure VM

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I have 3 Azure VM's that were all created for WVD. All 3 have Windows10 enterprise for virtual desktops. About 6 months ago they a developed an error regarding an issue with the pagefile and said a temporary one was created. Every user sees this @ log in. While working with Azure support, the tech recommended to change the pagefile size, as it said it can happen when the pagefile is smaller than the allocated memory for the machine. In case someone is unfamiliar, all pagefiles on Azure VMs are created on a D: drive by default, however, the page file only shows up on the C: drive. After rebooting the server, it took up almost all of the free space on the OS drive. Even if I change it to a smaller custom, it still throws the same error and now takes up the same amount of space he allotted on the C: drive, even though there is none allowed on C: and it is only set on D:. If I disable the pagefile all together, it still throws the error saying the system has created a pagefile, show the amount of space, but there is no pagefile. I just want to get it to move back tp the drive that was created for it to begin with. Any ideas on this? I can't be the only one, but I have found nothing concrete about the cause. 

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