On-premises FSLogix Support for Partners revoked

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Dear Microsoft FSLogix Team,

this is not a technical support request. I am describing a changed behavior for the process of creating support requests, which now prevents Microsoft partners from doing so.



Yesterday, I tried to open a support request for an FSLogix on-premises (not AVD) implementation. 

according to this guide (I am not aware about a newer reference) How to open a FSLogix Support Request (microsoft.com) the business support is still responsible, and the customer needs to select 


On 21st of June it was not possible to submit any request using an MPN ID support contract.

Today on the 22nd of June these contracts are entirely revoked.

In both cases Partner Signature contracts are greyed out. Means MS Partner cannot longer open business support requests for FSLogix on-premises following the guide linked above.




Will there be an update on the common guide or an updated blogpost on techcommunity, since technet is in read-only mode for this matter?



Additionally, opening the ticket via phone is still possible but with caveats. The first agent declined to open the ticket via the described buckets and persistently insistet that FSLogix tickets belonging to the Azure category have to opened via the Azure Portal. This is not correct for the on-premises use of FSLogix according to the guide. I called again and the next agent was not hesistant to open the ticket in the Azure category. Although he faced a 12 minutes delay to open the ticket due to a problem with the internal system.


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We have tried this again and the contracts are appearing now, also the submission of the case, if possible, again. Seems like it was a temporary hiccup.


This was the state yesterday