On-Call Nightmares Podcast Episode 37 - Jason Schuster - Stratasan


The On-Call Nightmares Listener feedback system works! Without your stories I just cannot do this podcast. Thankfully, Jason Schuster reached out to share his experience in a 20 year career in technology. Share in his nightmare on this latest episode!



Jason's Bio:


After graduating with a BFA in theater design in 2000 I landed my first job admiring HPUX servers. I took a low ball salary in exchange for training. While I got the training it took a long while for the scales to even out inheriting an outgoing sysadmins servers when I was less than a year on the job. My true passion for automating all the things came on an off site DR test watching 2 senior admins formatting disks one at a time and building a crazy number of volume groups and luns on them by hand. DR used to be a real interesting space that having so much stuff virtualized has mostly solved. After working on various .gov contracts and then supporting internal systems for 13 years I made the jump to devops at one small startup that folded out from under me but did start me on my way.


I joined Stratasan just after new years and am loving this place. We are big fans of making boring things boring and not adding unneeded tools to our lives. Mostly I have been extending the reach of our terraform while trying to cut down the number of services we use in AWS to just what is needed. I have also been highlighting metrics we are missing to help us making good planning choices.




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