On-Call Nightmares Podcast Episode 24 - Nathen Harvey - Google


Live from ChefConf 2019, I talk with Nathen Harvey about outages, lunch and a life spent in technology.

This was one of my favorite podcast interviews because Nathen is one of my major influences and mentors in what we do in Developer Advocacy and Relations in technology. He's taught me so much over the years and has done his best to check in with me during the tough moments, like another member of the on-call team might do during a rough incident.



Nathen Harvey, Cloud Developer Advocate at Google, helps the community understand and apply DevOps and SRE practices in the cloud. Nathen is a co-host of the Food Fight Show, a podcast about Chef and DevOps, and is part of the DevOps Days conferences global organizing committee.

Nathen is part of the Google DevRel team and can be found at the following links:


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