oms pricing, not sure if this is a good place to ask.

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Ok they've changed the pricing model again it now has the option of premium again. But now it does not show what that costs and what that means.  And its not in the licensing docs they keep pointing me to, at least if it is its not clear to me.  Does anybody have any insights as to what oms premium means now?




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Hello Tony,


You're talking about the E1 vs E2? In case of E2, we have the Azure Backup and Site Recory included.

Have a look at the latest pricing document.


There is an E1 and an E2, however this is for Enterprise customers.

When enabling OMS with a regular Pay as you go, the pricing tier is just called OMS.

Now weither or not the pay as you go method is able to auto ajust to match the document, i cant say.


But if you have a look its the security & compliance/Backup and Site Recovery features that make the difference between E1 and E2.


further more, please remeber you will still be paying data costs seperatly.