Not receiving Warning or Information email alerts from Azure Site Recovery


Hello all,

We use Azure Site Recovery. We always used to receive email alerts when there was any health state change, but now we only receive emails when a replicated machine goes Critical.

We would like to receive Warning and Information alerts too. We did receive them until some time in October (possibly when we migrated to Resource Manager).

In Azure Portal > Recovery Services Vault > Alerts and Events > Site Recovery Events > Email notifications , notifications are switched on, service admins are selected, and my email address is in there too.


Is there somewhere else I need to specify that I want to receive all levels of alerts? Or, can someone suggest another way that I can receive all levels of alert?


Thank you,

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I experienced the same and got to know from support that there is a design change and we will get only the critical alerts now.


You may consider posting it to feedback site if you think this is something useful.


or anyone else know how to get all alerts (warnings etc.) if we need to?