Noob looking for answers regarding Azure/O365/Skype

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Hi, I am very sorry. I was send here by a friendly person from the Skype support forum. I have terrible social anxiety and can't handle another fruitless attempt to find the answers through the official channels.


The first question is regarding the data I can see when I open a "messages.json" file from a Skype export. There are multiple identifiers listed, mostly thanks to the concierge, such as "client version", some hints in the messages about the intended audience("tell us about your experience with the Skype app", tell us about your experience with the classic version for Mac Windows and Linux), and there is also a platformList.


Can somebody tell me which platforms have what number? Or a Ressource where I can look them up myself?

The numbers are the following: 1,2,3,4,5,921,1445,1446,1447,1418,23

The most important one would be the 1445 for me. I'm guessing this would probably be Windows 8.1/ Skype for business, but I'm m running into brick walls, and don't even know anything anymore I haven't yet tried to find through Google.


Thank you for reading so far and thank you even more if you could help me.


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