No access ssh after the automatic update schedule

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Hi guys!


I have an automation account created by my client and have started scheduling automatic updates for a group of linux machines.

It was successful except in one machine, I wanted to verify the problem by connecting with azure-cli (via powershell on my local pc) with the command az ssh vm --ip

But nothing happens, I noticed that I can no longer connect to any of the linux machines to which I started the scheduling except two of them.


I tried to reset ssh with the command az vm user reset-ssh --resource-group linux_test --ip, rebooted the machine and now it asks me for the password that I don't know which one it refers to since mine does not accept it .

Did the update do something to the ssh service? How can I be able to connect to this group of linux machines again?

Thank you and good day!

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@pluc7 Can you connect to the Serial Console of the Linux VM through the Azure Portal? You'd still need to login, but if that works and SSH doesn't then you could use the console to check the sshd service is running. If the SSH service looks healthy it may indicate something has changed on the network.


Could it be the key? Like resetting the public key on that machine could solve the problem?