New free tier subscription - Unable to login due to change in MFA

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Hello Everyone, 

This is my first post in this community portal.

The scenario description is - I created a free account and Azure account which is linked to my official account. This is to get Azure free tier benefits($200) to use for my own learning and attend Microsoft events.Everything went well for first week. Then I tried to register a MFA phone. At this point, I receive a message that an MFA alternate email id is already registered with this account and the MFA phone will be registered after 30 days from the date requested.

For a week It allowed me to use the Azure portal without registering this MFA phone number (it showed my old MFA id and proposed MFA phone number during login).

Now it does not allow me to login to Azure portal until the new MFA phone number is applied 30 days after the request was made.

Query -1. All work accounts allow changes to MFA instantly, what makes this MFA change setup require 30 days for this free tier outlook account?

2. What happens to the $200 allowance for Azure resources. on the expiry of 1 month of activation of account, assuming the portal does not allow me to login day 15 onwards (due to this change in MFA details)?


If these queries can be answered based on any previous experience, it will be helpful.

Thanks in Advance !


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