New Article - What is Azure Private Link?

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Been working on providing articles explaining different Azure technologies, here's a recent one on Azure Private Link. Check out the full article:
What is Azure Private Link? 

Azure Private Link is a powerful service from Microsoft Azure that provides private connectivity from a virtual network to Azure platform as a service (PaaS).

Here are some key points we'll be covering in the article:

  1. What is Azure Private Link and how does it work? 
  2. Key benefits of Azure Private Link, including private access to Azure services, on-premises and peered networks, protection against data leakage, global reach, and more!
  3. How to get started with Azure Private Link, including a step-by-step guide on using it to connect to an Azure SQL Database.

Whether you're new to Azure or a seasoned professional, this article provides valuable insights into leveraging Azure Private Link for secure, private connectivity in the cloud.

Check out the full article:
What is Azure Private Link? 

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