.NET Application Migration Using Azure App Services and Azure Containers: Deep Dive, Online Series


Designed for developers and solution architects who need to understand how to move business critical apps to the cloud, this online workshop series gets you hands-on with a proven process for migrating an existing ASP.NET based application to a container based application. Join us live for 90 minutes on Wednesday and Fridays from April 10 through May 3 to get expert guidance and to get your questions answered; the optional (but highly recommended) hands-on labs that accompany this series give you experience building a proof of concept (POC) that will deliver a multi-tiered web app solution from a Virtual Machine architecture into Azure, leveraging Azure Platform Services and different Azure container solutions available today. You will also migrate the underlying database from a SQL 2014 Virtual Machine architecture to SQL Azure. At the end of this series you will have a good understanding of container concepts, Docker architecture and operations, Azure Container Services, Azure Kubernetes Services and SQL Azure PaaS solutioning. Coming soon! Registration pages for each session will be live shortly.

April 10 Part 1: Digital App Transformation with Azure

April 12 Part 2: Infrastructure as Code using ARM templates

April 17 Part 3: Azure Database Solutions – SQL Azure

April 19 Part 4: Azure App Services – Azure Web Apps

April 24 Part 5: Docker Containers

April 26 Part 6: Azure Container Registry | Azure Container Instance

May 1 Part 7: Container Orchestration with Azure Container Services and Azure Kubernetes Services

May 3 Part 8: Managing and Monitoring Azure Kubernetes Services

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@macalde  Can you please send me the link for the registration/signup page for this webinar series?

I'll update the post as soon as I have it. Should be live by the end of the week, but the team has been a little slow. Glad you're interested!
Could you please the registration links to register

The first 2 registration pages are available, and I've linked them above. (For the April 26 and May 1 sessions) The others should start going live shortly. Stay tuned!

@macalde There are 2 sessions this week with no registration links. Can you prioritize getting those setup/posted? I'd like to invite my customers, but I have not signup page to send them to.

Very sorry about the delays! The registration pages for the 1st and 2nd sessions are now live. 

I don't see links for these :

April 24 Part 5: Docker Containers
May 3 Part 8: Managing and Monitoring Azure Kubernetes Services

Just got those this morning! Post should be updated above :)