Need to move mail enabled contact under same forest but different OU

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We have thousands of mail enabled contacts in our on prem AD which we want to move one OU to another OU with in a single forest.

Any action or Standard SOP is there with anyone so that Safely without any resource outage we can implement.

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if the source and destination OU are both synced to Exchange online, i cannot imagine that you would have any complications. You could try this with test objects.

Right dear but if we going to move any object from one OU to another OU then worries about Permission , Sync and different level issues.

How have you assigned permissions, again if you have used Security Groups that are attached the object you should not have any issues. You should also hopefully know what OU's you are syncing to Exchange online.

Hopefully another person can help shed light on your concerns, i just wanted to add my 2 cents
also have you considered asking the Exchange community ?