Need some help with Public IP's please.

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Hi all, new here, and to Azure, but what I'm wanting to do should be pretty simple, and for some reason, I'm having problems implementing any type of public IP addresses. 


What I want to do is setup a small hosting company, all within Azure. 


2 VM's for DNS servers (primary/secondary) Each will also double as a mail server.

2 Web servers, one IIS and one Linux. 


I have several sites with SSL's, and the rest will of course be HH.


I've read, watched videos, tutorials, etc and I cannot for the life of me, get the public IP addresses functioning properly. 


Can someone help please? I would love nothing more to get at least the mail servers moved over this weekend overnight while things are quiet. 


Thank you all in advance.


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Hey pat,


It is hard to say what exactly are you trying to achieve with this sort of infrastructure. If you're trying to build a DNS service, why not to use Azure DNS... no necessity to reinvent the wheel. For mail sending you can use SendGrid (in Azure as well) which is quite simple SMTP relay. 

At any rate it all starts with Virtul Networks (VNETs), you need to create one, then use Azure DNS for resolving names in a VNET without the need for you to create and manage custom DNS solution. No necessity to explain that you can manage your own subnet segments and create custom private IP's that would be mapped to public IP. All the VMs inside the VNET would have an internet access by default. You can manage all the access via NSGs. 

If Azure DNS service is not an option, you can use names resolution for VNETs (through your own DNS server). More about it here.

To understand external IPs assignment and outbound routing - the best reference is this one.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a bunch, Alex.


The reason for the private DNS, is I already have hundreds of domains using our DNS servers, so I'd rather not touch that aspect, other than assigning a new IP for NS1 and 2.


Maill servers, same way, we use Smartermail, and that obviously is going to require a static IP too.


I'll have a look at those links, and again, THANKS a ton! I've been racking my brain for days on this thing, and I've gotten only more confused as time has passed.


If I have any questions after I go through those links, I'll let you know, but again, I can't thank you enough!