Need precise details on Azure Edu Basic

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Hello Community, 


I have some education clients on A1 licence (the free one) that come with Azure Edu basic licensing. 

I checked the page for Azure details plan (Pricing - Active Directory | Microsoft Azure) but I did not find any details on Azure Edu basic plan. Is this the free one ? And if so, some features are not correct since A1 admin customers can set MFA (for example) with this basic plan. 


Can someone help me about features included and not included in Azure admin center for clients with Azure Edu basic licensing ? 



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@Laurent_35 In the page you linked, the A1 would qualify for the "Office 365 Apps" tier of AAD, and therefore get basic MFA (but not "MFA with conditional access" etc.)

I think this page explains the MFA availability better- my understanding is it is available to all tiers for Office365, but you get more features, granular control, and policy if you have the higher sku's. 


So I can't turn on MFA on my free Azure AD, but I should be able to enable it for Office 365 on an A1 O365 subscription.