Need IP range for RPC end point Ethereum Consortium Network

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I am trying to explore the Ethereum Consortium Network to try out few sample contracts. I had followed the instructions given in the site and created a resource group. It returned an RPC end point


My firewall is blocking the this particular URL  and hence I am not able to connect to the network. Can you let me know the IP ranges that I need to whitelist?


I found a list of public IPs ( which microsoft azure uses but my RPC end point returned me an IP, which was not in the list given. Also they had also mentioned that the public IPs ranges change ever week. So does it mean that I will have to update the IP ranges every week for whitelisting?


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Hi Gunasegaran R,


The Azure datacenter IP ranges address ranges can change between updates of the published list and its possible that you happend to get allocated one of these newer IP addresses.  This should not be the case majority of the time.  Could you please try to redeploy the solution and let us know if you still have this issue?