Need help on the .net code to update M Expression in Tabular Model.

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Hi All,


Kindly help on the code for updating the M expression code with .net for SSAS Tabular model.



we have table with partition and we have to update the partition query using .net


we have code to replace the existing M Expression with New one ,unfortunately the changes are not updating in Database LEVEL .(SSAS Tabular) .May be i missed any syntax of the .net code.


Please see below code and help out in this.


TOA.Partition partition = m.Tables.Find(Table).Partitions[1];


OverrideCollection oc = new OverrideCollection

Partitions =
new PartitionOverride

OriginalObject =partition,

Source = new MPartitionSourceOverride





var listOc = new List<OverrideCollection>();
partition.RequestRefresh(TOA.RefreshType.Add, listOc);

// m.Tables[Table].Partitions[1].Refresh(TOA.RefreshType.Full, listOc); //it is not working 


TOA.Partition partition1 = m.Tables.Find(Table).Partitions[1];


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