My path to the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)!



Hi Azure Friends,


How do you start a topic if the topic is completely unknown up to this point? Starting with the basics is definitely a first step in the right direction. The exam is called Azure Fundamentals, but should not be underestimated under any circumstances. Personally, I always start the preparation the same way, no matter what the title of the certification is. So I am not tempted to underestimate the exam.


All information about this exam can be found on the Microsoft website.


But now let's continue with the checklist:


1. Read through the Measured Skills at your leisure.


2. Read the Study Guide by @thomasmaurer. This is really super helpful information!


3. Create a free Azure account, if you don't already have one, so that you can do all exercises in a hands-on manner


4. Take a close look at the Microsoft learning path, or even better, work through it right away (the learning paths are listed a little further down on the website).


5. Register for the exam early. This creates a little pressure and you stay motivated (registration can be started a little further down the website).


6. Practice, practice, practice ... With examples from the Microsoft Azure documentation portal.


7. The AZ-900 book from the Microsoft Press Store can also be very helpful in preparation.


8. Please have a look at John Savills YouTube Video, extremely helpful!


One final tip: when you've learned something new, try to explain what you've learned to another person (whether or not they know your subject). If you can explain it in your own words, you understand the subject. That's exactly how I do it, except that I don't explain it to another person, but record a video for YouTube!


I hope this information helps you and that you successfully pass the exam. I wish you success!


Kind regards, Tom Wechsler

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