MS excel addin vba as an application on the cloud.

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Hi I'm not sure if I'm a the right place to ask the following question. Do not hesitate the suggest other place.


Her the question. 

I did develop a ms excel solution (vba) coupled working either with MSAccess ou MsSQL.  I would like to deploy on a Azure and have customer using my virtual machine from his Ipad.

I would like to know the following.


Do I need to pay for an additional office 365 licence for deploying the solution on a virtual machine and AzureSQL.


Do I need an office 365 Enterprise licence because the customer will use it?


What software the customer needs to run from his IPAD. ?


How can I price the customer for using my solution ?


The challenge is not to convert my solution to UWP yet.


Information about the customer and planning licencing usage:

The customer will have appx  between 25-50 employee that can use this apps.


The frequency usage a about 2 times per day and user can be be connected during  2h  to complete his task with the solution. Also  I would like to limit the app usage using floating licence (no more than 2 users a the same time.


Additional info:

I did look using XenApps with Azure but the pricing model is difficul to understand for this thype of solution. 





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