Move Azure Service Fabric to virtual network

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We are currently experimenting with Azure Service Fabric and have managed to run some five services concurrently. We are using a Load Balancer and all our services are accessible using the balancers' public ip like this; <ip>:<port>/<servicetypename>/<servicename>. It all works great. 


One of these services has to access an on-premis service that connects to a database. We have established a VPN gateway S2S connection between our private and cloud network. One thing to note is that we have not added a VPN gateway to the existing Service Fabric virtual network but to a newly created virtual network. The reason we chose to do this is because our Service Fabric virtual network address pool overlaps the one we are using on-premis. We want to prevent duplicate-ip issues when we connect the gateway to this virtual network and thats why we configured a separate virtual network and established the VPN gateway from there. 


The problem we are facing is as follows:

We can't seem to change the underlying network address pool for our service fabric or connect a different (the one containing the VPN gateway) virtual network to our existing service fabric. Also, I am unable to choose an existing virtual network when creating a service fabric.


Can anyone help us with this case, all help and/or tips are appreciated.

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