Most efficient way to deploy new 3 tier DevTest environment

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We are just beginning our Azure journey and would like to place ourselves in a good position from day 1. Our goal is to create a secure Azure DevTest environment utilising 3 tier architecture (Client, App Server, Database). We want to create a robust and repeatable process that will create the environment (including vnets and subnets etc.) as well as the VMs so only the required software and user accounts remain to be installed/configured. There is a lot of information out there and I am finding it difficult to identify how I should go about this. Blueprints, ARM templates etc.? As I mentioned we are just beginning so I apologise if this seems a little lacking in detail. Appreciate your support.

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To deploy your environmeant you can either use ARM templates or maybe even terraform. Depends on what you are more comfortable with. What you could do as you are at the begining. is build you environmeant using the Azure portal and then saving teh template files from the deployment. They will be ARM templates. You can then use them as a base going forward.


As to keeping it secure. Azure blueprints are a good starting point. Just make sure you talk to all parties that will be involved before you pick you policies etc.


I hope that helps. If you have any more questions please let me know.