more complicated real sample

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I just saw the video:


I like it.

did you have a more complicated real life sample?
for example, there are multiple milk providers, going to the same production unit.
then multiple products created and delivered to multiple stores
and with another player: a data quality team in charge of testing the products (milk and final product).
which mean starting from the end, we have 1 box of product arriving in a store which has an issue, like the data quality team identify something for this product only, then only this box broke the contract, but not the entire chain.
at the opposite, if we identify an issue with the entry milk, we have to flag the entire products based on this milk only, but not the over one.
how to setup this?
is it multiple contracts?
how to link all of these stuff together?
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You can find multiple contract samples here:

Check out the Bazaar Item Listing and Ping Pong Game sample for examples of how you can have multiple contracts interact with one another.