Monitoring Azure RecoveryServices (Windows Server Backups to Azure using MARS)

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I'm using the MARS agent to backup on-premise Windows servers to Azure Recovery Services.

Now I'm trying to check for backup statuses, using PowerShell 5.1 and the Az 2.5.0 PowerShell Module. 



# authentication is handled before
$vault = Get-AzRecoveryServicesVault -Name "BackupVault1"
$Containers = Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupContainer -ContainerType Windows -BackupManagementType MARS -VaultId $vault.ID
foreach($Container in $Containers) {
    Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupItem -VaultId $vault.ID -Container $Container -WorkloadType WindowsServer


 Apparently the WorkLoadType "WindowsServer" does not exists, but all the others that should be valid (AzureVM, AzureSQLDatabase, AzureFiles, MSSQL) are not working either. I got that WorkLoadType from the PowerShell module, eventhough it doesn't exist in the documentation.


Any ideas? 


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