Modernize your commerce platform with Rapid Commerce solution

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Today’s consumers are using more devices and channels to interact with retailers than ever before. Seamless service across all channels is the expectation, not the exception. Digital-first brands are raising the bar for hyper-personalized experiences through their test-and-learn approach to rapid delivery of modern commerce capabilities. As we all know, traditional brick and mortar retailers are under significant pressure due to high fixed costs associated with managing traditional store infrastructure, material decreases, and flat year-over-year comp-store revenue. A consequence of this pressure is the inability to innovate and create new, competitive user experiences. One answer to this problem is the introduction of a new service on the Azure Marketplace.


It’s estimated that more than half of retailers still operate their businesses on monolithic, on-premises commerce applications. Unless retailers revamp their platforms, they will be challenged to keep up with new competitors who are operating in the cloud. Retailers need a solution to expedite modern commerce efforts. The Rapid Commerce solution, developed in partnership with Publicis. Sapient, DataStax, Acquia, and Microsoft, offers a comprehensive blueprint to solve this.



Read about it in the Azure blog.

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