Modernize Datacenter Workloads to Azure & reduce IT Carbon Footprint

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Modernizing your Data Center Workloads to Azure can help to save carbon emissions and bring about more environmentally sustainable world for all of us.


On Jan 16 2020, Microsoft announced to its customers that it will attempt to be carbon negative by 2030. At the same time, it released a Microsoft Sustainability Calculator that provides an easy to read dashboard for Azure customers running their workloads.



"The calculator gives a granular view of the estimated emissions savings from running workloads on Azure by accounting for Microsoft’s IT operational efficiency, IT equipment efficiency, and datacenter infrastructure efficiency compared to that of a typical on-premises deployment. It also estimates the emissions savings attributable to a customer from Microsoft’s purchase of renewable energy."




Technical Documentation

Please read the following links to easily integrate and get your emissions report for your management reporting.

To connect the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator to Power BI



Please download from below link to read more on the benefits and methodology for the calculator

The Carbon Benefits of Cloud Computing: a Study of the Microsoft Cloud





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