Migration of MS Exchange to Azure VM Exchange Server

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I am new to Azure and would like to know the steps involved to achieve, migrating MS Exchange Emails (on-premises) to Azure VM Exchange server. Also we have a MS 365 account for emails and would like to move them to Azure VM.

1. Please suggest me if there is any ETL tool provided by Azure to move the on-premises emails to Azure VM.

2. Please suggest how I can move the MS 365 mails to Azure VM?

3. Approximately the size of the on-premise mail box would be ~2TB and MS 365 would be ~ 1TB with many mailbox.

4. We would also like to move the SharePoint (on-premises) to Azure VM as next step and detailing it would also help.


Please highlight if any other information is required. Thank you.

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If you're in Hybrid, then you could move all the mailboxes back to your on-prem mailserver or create a DAG cluster between on-premise Exchange server and an Azure Exchange server. It's also discussed here (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/597487/exchange-server-dag-on-azure.html) but you will need Domain Controllers in Azure too and where to put the witness for the DAG cluster... But you will need to run a DAG cluster just for migrating mailboxes to the Exchange server in Azure and then you can remove the on-premise Exchange server.. You are still in Hybrid then, so you have the benefits of Teams calendar integration
Thank you for the clear details Harm_Veenstra. I will explore on the Domain controllers and look at docs reference also.
Please be aware of the egress data, you will be billed for that and have to take that in consideration. Also, if you have exchange licensing in your 365 tenant already it could be a lot cheaper using that. Can I ask why you want the Azure Exchange server?