Migration failing : how to fund a contract that requires eth to call an oracle ?

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I am able to deploy contracts on ganache and test networks using migrations that includes sending some eth to one of the contracts - an oracle that requires eth to fund calls to the provider


deployer.deploy(Oracle, {from: accounts[0], gas:6721975, value: 0.25e18});


However, when I deploy the Oracle contract to Quorum/Azure blockchain service, I get


Error: *** Deployment Failed *** 
"Oracle" received a generic error from Geth that can be caused by hitting revert in a contract constructor or running out of gas. 
* gas required exceeds allowance (6721975) or always failing transaction.


Some googling on this error led to posts (https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/74209/gas-required-exceeds-allowance-truffle-migrate/74...) but I am not sure this is the reason and I can not figure out how to change genesis on Azure blockchain. Any help will be much appreciated.

I also checked the Oracle contract's constructor and it does not have anything that will cause an exception.

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