Migrating resources/resource groups from one subscription to another

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I have been asked by a client of mine to migration resources/resource groups from a current CSP subscription to their MCA subscription.  


When migrating the entire resource group, can I keep the same name in the new Subscription or will this require a new name?

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In general, each resource has a ResourceId and subscriptionId is part of that ID. Since there can't be two subscriptions in Azure, you can retain your original name. The issue can be with some resources that must have globally-unique names (like Azure Storage accounts) and the way you are planning to perform this migration.
No it will not require a new name ine case of just moving the resource .
But you may know that all resources doesn't support move .
You can see the full list below :
If the move is not supported you will need to create it directly in the new subscribtion .
When it comes to create resources for the new subscription you need to consider the scope for the resource names.
Global = Unique across All of Azure (Name of Paas resources with public ip endpoints accross all Azure .
Resource Group = Unique within the resource group ( Virtual Networks should have unique name when they shared the same resource group but the same name can be used within another resource group and in your case another subscription )
Resource Attribute = Unique within the parent resource( Subnets need to be unique within a vnet but can have duplicate name when related to different vnet .