Migrating Azure Functions from portal to Visual Studio


Azure Functions are a great addition to the whole family of Azure resources. Azure Functions are my number one workhorses. The fact that I can execute code, triggered by 'whatever', gives me so much power for a fraction of the costs.


And the beauty of it is, you can write those nifty pieces of code directly into the Azure portal using nothing more than a browser.


But as always, with great power comes great responsibilities!


The code I write in the portal is not supporting any version control. And I cannot debug this code.

Although I am up-and-running with Azure Functions in a few hours, I want to debug and put my code in version control too!


Luckily, I can create Azure Function in Visual Studio too. And this gives me the power of debugging and version control. But what are the drawbacks?


Let's explore om how to migrate your Azure Function, written in the portal, into Visual Studio.



Debugging your Azure Function in Visual Studio




Receiving Azure IoTHub telemetry locally



Deploying and running an Azure Function on the portal side by side with other functions



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