Migrating a Web App from ClearDB to Azure Database for MySQL

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With the introduction of Azure Database for MySQL, we've seen a lot of interest and questions from customers on how they can move their existing Web App from using ClearDB as their MySQL database provider over to Azure Database for MySQL. If you’re not using ClearDB, but rather MySQL In-App as your provider, and want to move over to Azure Database for MySQL, a great blog has already been written on this that you should check out. For this blog, we'll be migrating a Wordpress website’s database from ClearDB to Azure Database for MySQL, as well as updating the Web App to point to the new database server.


We’ll be using MySQL Workbench as the tool to do the data migration. Of course you can use other common tools or CLI as well. First, download MySQL Workbench. Once you’ve downloaded and installed MySQL Workbench, you will need to create a connection to your ClearDB database in order to kick-off the migration. To create the connection, you’ll need some information about your ClearDB database.




Read more about it in the Azure blog.

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