Migrate on-prem file server cluster to Azure

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I have a 2 x node clustered file server on-prem with Netapp san for disks.

I need to move these to Azure native VM's.

Can I do clustering on Azure ( I think I can)?

Is this a supported scenario?

What is the best way to go thru with this?


Thanks M

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You could check this article: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/itops-talk-blog/creating-a-traditional-windows-server-failove...

With Azure Shared Disks you can build a traditional file cluster. Alternatively, you could consider modernizing this service and mve to PaaS with either Azure Files or Azure NetApp Files.
I wouldn’t go to an IaaS solution. Why don’t you use SharePoint for that? Of course licenses need to be considered but the maintenance is better. Just my opinion =)