Migrate from Azure to On-Prem Hyper-V with VMM - No Replication Policy

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We are doing a POC with Site Recovery. We had an issue where our VMM server lost connection with Azure. In order to regain connection, we had to drop the VMM server from the recovery vault, and reinstall the agent, then re-add the VMM server. 

This happened while our VMs were failed over to Azure. In order to remove the VMM server to re-add it we had to remove the replication policies.

What is the best way to bring the VMs back on-site, since there appears no option to make a replication policy to failover from Azure to on-site via ASR? Is the only option to download the VHDs and manually re-connect them on-site? 

Is it possible to install the agent on each VM and use the "disaster recovery" feature in the VM options on Azure to replicate to a second site, then re-replicate into the primary recovery vault, and then from there, failover back to on-prem?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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