Microsoft’s Project Olympus delivers cloud hardware innovation at scale

Community Manager

Just over a year ago at Zettastructure, the European digital infrastructure conference hosted by Datacenter Dynamics, we introduced Microsoft’s Project Olympus – our next generation hyperscale cloud hardware design and a new model for open source hardware development with the Open Compute Project (OCP) community. We envisioned a leading-edge server design with the flexibility to accommodate a broad variety of workloads for the cloud of today and tomorrow, and one that could easily scale to datacenters across the globe. To accomplish this, we contributed a design that was only half-complete to enable rapid community-driven innovation.


Today, we're back at Zettastructure to share the tremendous progress achieved through downloading, modifying, and forking the hardware design just like open source software, and by bootstrapping a diverse and broad ecosystem to make Project Olympus the de facto open source cloud hardware design for the next generation of scale computing. The design is now 100% complete and open sourced via OCP contributions. It is proven in scale production via deployments in Microsoft Azure, and solution providers are ready to bring the benefits of this design to the broader OCP ecosystem.




Read about it on the Azure blog.

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