Microsoft creates industry standards for datacenter hardware storage and security

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Today we are announcing a next-generation specification for solid state device (SSD) storage, Project Denali. We’re also discussing Project Cerberus, which provides a critical component for security protection that to date has been missing from server hardware: protection, detection and recovery from attacks on platform firmware. Both storage and security are the next frontiers for hardware innovation, and today we’re highlighting the latest advancements across these key focus areas to further the industry in enabling the future of the cloud.


Storage paradigms have performed well on-premises, but they haven’t resulted in innovation for increasing performance and cost efficiencies needed for cloud-based models. For this reason, we’re setting out to define a new standard for flash storage specifically targeted for cloud-based workloads and I’m excited to reveal Project Denali, which we’re establishing with CNEX Labs. Fundamentally, Project Denali standardizes the SSD firmware interfaces by disaggregating the functionality for software-defined data layout and media management. With Project Denali, customers can achieve greater levels of performance, while leveraging the cost-reduction economics that come at cloud scale.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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