Microsoft Azure Monitor and Service Map Insights workbooks (Preview)


Azure Monitor VM 05.PNG


Azure Monitor for VMs monitors your Azure virtual machines (VM) and virtual machine scale sets at scale. The service analyzes the performance and health of your Windows and Linux VMs, monitoring their processes and their dependencies on other resources and external processes.
As a solution, Azure Monitor for VMs includes support for monitoring performance and application dependencies for VMs that are hosted on-premises or in another cloud provider. Three key features deliver in-depth insight:

  • Logical components of Azure VMs that run Windows and Linux: Are measured against pre-configured health criteria, and they alert you when the evaluated condition is met.
  • Pre-defined, trending performance charts: Display core performance metrics from the guest VM operating system.
  • Dependency map: Displays the interconnected components with the VM from various resource groups and subscriptions.

The features are organized into three perspectives:


Here we have a look at Azure Monitor Service map of my local machine :Azure Monitor VM 06.PNG



Here in the Event you see two Configuration Changes.

What is awesome to see, when you double click on the link marked with a arrow, then It will start log analytics with the right query to see what those changes are ;)

Azure Monitor VM 07.PNG



Read More about Azure Monitor and Service Maps Insights Workbooks here


Conclusion :

To stay in Control of your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure you have to Monitor your environment. Microsoft Azure Monitor supports you in Monitoring your workloads in the Cloud on Azure but also on-premises. Azure Monitor makes Awesome features to make your live as an Administrator more Comfortable and keeps you in Control :) 

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