Microsoft Azure Datathon Africa League AMA


Hello and Congratulations to all participants for taking on the Microsoft Azure Datathon - Africa League. :rocket::rocket::rocket:


We’re happy to announce 270 individual winners. Please complete this form to redeem your prize, allow maximum 3-days for electronic delivery.


Have a question? use this thread to ask us questions related to the League.

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 Is it still ok to join now because I see that it started on the 1st of May.

Hello Bonolo,

Yes, you're more than welcome to join the challenge, anyone can join before the challenge ends. However the earlier you join, the earlier you can start earning experience points. All the best and looking forward to seeing you on the Leader board.

Hello @LeboMadise , hope you are well. Are there any prerequestites for the Data Engineer League? My concern is how in depth or technical this challenge will be.

Hello @Stirls I'm well thank you, there are no prerequisites, if you have a working knowledge of SQL and python or Scala and have gone through the modules outlined in the Data Engineer League, you should be able to meet the required knowledge to sit for the Exam DP-203.


Please see Exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure – Skills Measured for the skills measured. 

@LeboMadise Do you know of any meetups in KZN?

Hi Lebo?

Do you know of meetups in Gauteng?
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Thank you, Michael. I will immediately join the group!
Microsoft Azure Dathon Africa League
Hi Lebo? Does the number of vouchers per person depend on the number of challenges a person completes? Does a person choose an exam to take from the five challenges?

@LeboMadise please as the challenge has end what should participant be expecting (voucher for the exam) and when, thanks


I took my Azure Data Fundamentals exam and passed last year. Will I be allowed to choose a different exam voucher, for example, Azure Database Administrator associate?

Hi @LeboMadise, just wondering about the results and outcomes of the MS Azure Datathon?  Is there perhaps a page we can access to view the final outcomes?

Hi Elijah,

Yes, in the event that you are awarded a voucher you would be able to use it towards one of the eligible leagues. Annoucements will be made on 10 July 2022.
Hello @FGeld,

We will be making an announcement on 10 July 2022. You can keep watch on the repo page.
Hello @JUBRIL please allow until 10 July 2022.
Yes, if awarded a voucher, you can use it towards one of the eligible leagues
Hi @Shabzin,

yes, however we've been mindful for the health and safety for people in KZN, will share in the annoucement made on 10 July if they will be returning to in person events. In the meantime, do join the JNB and CPT meetup groups as they stream virtually monthly.
Hi Lebo?

Thanks for your responses to our questions. I will be looking forward to seeing what the 10th July will bring.
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Congratulations to all participants for taking on the Microsoft Azure Datathon - Africa League. We’re happy to announce 270 individual winners. Please complete this form ( to redeem your prize, allow maximum 3-days for electronic delivery.

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