Microsoft Azure announces new capabilities and partnerships at IBC 2017

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Over the past months, we have aggressively added innovative new capabilities in Azure to enable content owners and partners to prepare, store, protect, distribute and monetize media in the cloud. We are thrilled to see media & cable organizations choosing Microsoft Azure for their digital transformation needs. Whether helping organizations move their focus away from infrastructure to content, distributing content with digital era velocity, or providing reliable and relevant content, Microsoft Azure is the trusted and global-scale cloud for the media industry’s needs.


In response to enthusiastic customer feedback, the team has added the following new capabilities to Azure Media Services.


  • Democratizing AI for Media Industry: Video Indexer a powerful new capability which brings AI to life for media industry was introduced a few months back at BUILD 2017, as a unique integrated bundling of Microsoft's cloud-based artificial intelligence and cognitive capabilities applied specifically for video content. Its brings capabilities like face detection, sentiment extraction, object dectection, audio transcripts and more. Enhancements to this service include support for Egyptian Arabic language for speech analysis, playback at multiple speeds, and many more.


  • Azure Media Redactor is a powerful cloud video processing service leveraging word-class artificial intelligence, which is capable of automatically detecting and blurring faces in your videos, for use in cases such as public safety and news media. This is a new addition to the broad set of already existing capabilities of Azure Media Analytics.

Learn more about it in the Azure blog.

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