MDTI Microsoft Sentinel Playbooks - Logic App not succefully running

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Hi there, 


Does anyone know why the logic app fails to run for MDTI-automated-Triage? it is failing at "for each IP address" please see screenshot. 


Thank you kindly 

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Hi @cfulbrook. It's difficult to troubleshoot your issue without a screenshot or more specific information about the error message you're encountering. However, I can provide some general troubleshooting tips that may help you resolve the issue. 1- Check the input data: Ensure that the input data coming into the "For each IP address" action is in the expected format. If the input is malformed or empty, the action might fail. You can use the "Compose" action before the "For each" action to check the input data. 2- Validate the expression: Check if the expression used in the "For each" action is correct and properly formatted. Incorrect expressions can lead to errors during runtime. 3- Inspect error message: Look for any error messages in the Logic App run history. This can give you more information about the failure and help identify the root cause. 4- Examine the loop: Ensure that there are no infinite loops, and the iteration count isn't exceeding the maximum allowed limit for the "For each" action. 5- Check the output schema: Ensure that the output schema generated by the "For each" action matches the expected schema for the next action in the sequence. 6- Review action connections: Ensure that the actions inside the "For each" loop are correctly connected and that the output from one action is correctly passed as input to the next action. 7- Investigate dependencies: Check if there are any dependent services or APIs that the Logic App relies on. If any of these services are down or unavailable, it may cause the Logic App to fail. 8- Reach out to the community: If you're still unable to fix the issue, consider reaching out to the Azure community, such as the Microsoft Q&A or GitHub, where you can provide more detailed information (including the screenshot) and get assistance from other users and experts.