MARS Backup - system state backup failing


I am having issues with few servers, where the system state is not getting backup.




I did follow the article below and attempt it, by changing the scratch folder to different location, it did not made any difference.


How do I change the cache location for the MARS agent?

  1. Run this command in an elevated command prompt to stop the Backup engine:

    Net stop obengine

  2. If you have configured System State backup, open Disk Management and unmount the disk(s) with names in the format "CBSSBVol_<ID>".

  3. By default, the scratch folder is located at \Program Files\Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent\Scratch

  4. Copy the entire \Scratch folder to a different drive that has sufficient space. Ensure the contents are copied, not moved.

  5. Update the following registry entries with the path of the newly moved scratch folder.

    Table 2Registry path Registry Key Value
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Azure Backup\ConfigScratchLocationNew scratch folder location
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Azure Backup\Config\CloudBackupProviderScratchLocationNew scratch folder location
  6. Restart the Backup engine at an elevated command prompt:

    command Copy
    Net stop obengine
    Net start obengine
  7. Run an on-demand backup. After the backup finishes successfully using the new location, you can remove the original cache folder.


Can I please have some advice, as I have got few servers where the system state is not being backed up.

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