Map visualisation for azure dashboards

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I am trying to add a map to visualize regions of specific events. The below Kusto query would give the results in a simple chart format. I would like to achieve this in a map visual. However, I have tried using a workbook to do this and could get the map visualised for a constant time range set in the query. If I want to configure the time range in the dashboard itself, this seems to be impossible. Any clues on how I can do this would really helpful for me. Thanks in advance! 


let events = dynamic(["package"]);
let mainTable = union pageViews, customEvents, requests
    | where isempty(operation_SyntheticSource)
    | extend name =replace("\n", "", name)
    | where '*' in (events) or name in (events)
let queryTable = mainTable;
let cohortedTable = queryTable
    | extend dimension = tostring(client_CountryOrRegion)
    | extend dimension = iif(isempty(dimension), "<undefined>", dimension)
    | summarize hll = hll(itemId) by tostring(dimension)
    | extend Events = dcount_hll(hll)
    | order by Events desc
    | serialize rank = row_number()
    | extend dimension = iff(rank > 5, 'Other', dimension)
    | summarize merged = hll_merge(hll) by tostring(dimension)
    | project ["Country or region"] = dimension, Counts = dcount_hll(merged);


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