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Hey Guys,

Can you explain to me how reservation price is calculated in the Azure Portal for Managed Instances? We have few managed instances running in Azure with 8vCores General Purpose. Microsoft documentation is saying that managed instance reservation for 3 years with Hybrid Benefit should cost 344EUR a month according to Reservation section in Azure Portal it is showing the price of 1,548.00 EUR per instance for 3 years? How is this calculated?



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@mrktos I hope I got your question correct. Reservations are not calculated and not shown at the Azure Portal. Only the AHB (bring your own license) is calculated. When you create the Managed Instance if you select to save money with your own SQL license it shows the discount and the discounted price. 

After you create the managed instance, go to Reservations and buy a Reserved Instance SQL Database. If it is an Enterprise Agreement Subscription then the Reservation must be purchased at the EA Portal. For CSP, your CSP provider must enable the Reserved Instance for you.

Check this article:

"You do not need to assign the reservation to specific SQL Database instances (single databases, elastic pools, or managed instances). Matching SQL Database instances, that are already running or ones that are newly deployed, will automatically get the benefit."

@Pantelis Apostolidisthis is what I have done it. I have created MIs and wanted to reserve them for longer period of time. Currently we are signed up with Hybrid Benefit (our licence) but we want to reserve them for 3 years and pay upfront however the amount to be paid is different than what documentation is specifying.

@mrktos Hi again, the Reservation is per vCore. If you see the name at the reservation page says "SQL Database Managed Instance General Purpose - Compute Gen5" , not specifying cores. As per the document "The vCore reservation discount is applied automatically to the number of SQL Database instances that match the SQL Database reserved capacity reservation scope and attributes"

So if we do the math:

1.548,00 for 3 years is 43,00 per month

344,00 is the cost of an 8 vCore SQL Database Managed Instance General Purpose - Compute Gen5, so it is 43,00 per core. 

buying one vCore reservation means you will get discount for 1 of the 8 vCores. 




@Pantelis Apostolidisnow it makes sense - why they did not specify that the listed price is per core? Thanks for clarification.