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I am a Data Developer and I am very interested in understanding and learning Machine Learning (especially Azure ML). I read the pdf suggested "INTRODUCING AZURE MACHINE
LEARNING - A GUIDE FOR TECHNICAL PROFESSIONALS" by David Chappell and I would like to know what to read next and how can I make experiments so I can understand better and become a Data Scientist. Or what trainings or tutorials should I follow?
I am asking because I'm very interested in this field of technology and I would like to work in it. I have a very logical thinking and a very sharp mind and I really believe that this would be the perfect job for me.
I appreciate your help.
King regards,
Andreea (a data dev who wants to become an awesome data scientist working with ML)
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Hi, Some real good self paced courses you find at Best Niels

Hi @rosua87 glad to see your interest in learning Data Science and Azure Machine Learning. Those are extremely hot (and cool) topics. Besides what @Niels Ophey kindly shared, you can also check:


The Azure Training & Certification options at this post from Michael Hoslte, listing the Free Training for Azure at Open edX.




As part of this catalog you`ll find the Implementing Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure HDInsight that covers some of Machine Learning. Now, this content is part of a bigger course, the paid Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science.


You can also take the Free course (you can choose to pay for a Certificate, though, which would be a great add to your LinkedIn profile) at the Academy (with Open edX)

Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science




I hope this gives you enough resources to get started. I`m looking forward for your future contributions at the community as you develop your Data Science skills :)